Program Assessments and Improvement Plans

From upstream production and gathering to downstream processing and distribution, a complete asset integrity program is critical to maintaining safe and reliable operations. Fortress Oil & Gas, LLC will evaluate your mechanical integrity program and help you prioritize areas for future improvement.

We utilize proven industry processes to evaluate your program and identify potential gaps. This results in a customized improvement plan that is founded on industry best practices, leverages the latest technology solutions, and incorporates rigorous performance management principles. From this, we will create annual activity plans that yield step-change improvements, reduce operational risk, increase efficiency, and maximize value.

  • Mechanical integrity program assessments
    • Program review
    • Gap assessment report
    • Execution of gap closure plan
  • Multiyear roadmap development and implementation
  • Annual planning, budgeting, and work management support
  • Program standardization
  • Work process implementation and training
  • Performance management systems
    • Key performance indicator (KPI) development
    • KPI monitoring in comparison to defined targets
    • Monthly, quarterly, and annual KPI reporting

Data Processing and Records Management

Managing a high volume of records and data often requires a high volume of people. Utilizing our team of experienced specialists will eliminate your data processing backlogs without requiring you to increase your company’s headcount. Our team of professionals will also analyze and interpret your integrity data, transforming it into critical decision-making information used for more cost-effective risk management.

Mechanical integrity programs always benefit from well-defined work processes and detailed, streamlined procedures. By leveraging our knowledge of industry best practices, we will create a customized Integrity Data Management Guide to ensure your asset integrity information is managed to the highest quality levels.

Documentation and Data Management

  • Custom Integrity Data Management Guide
  • Record scanning and indexing
  • Paperless data collection – Reduce data processing costs by up to 90%
  • Data entry support and staff augmentation
  • Integrity management plan (IMP) manuals for transmission (TIMP) and distribution (DIMP) systems
  • Reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete (RTVC) records review
  • Geospatial data integration


Guidance on new software tool selection

Evaluation and restoration of currently installed software

  • Fit for purpose review
  • Benchmark versus market
  • Proper installation structure
  • Correct settings for desired reporting output
  • Appropriate hierarchy
  • Accuracy of report queries
  • Identification and correction of anomalous data
    • Duplicate records
    • Conflicting data elements
    • Incorrect calculations
    • Missing information

Integration of enterprise asset management (EAM) system and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS)

Paperless data collection – Reduce data processing costs by up to 90%

  • Definition of business needs
  • Tool selection guidance
  • Standardization and documentation of work processes
  • Proof of concept pilot testing
  • Full-scale implementation
  • Staff training

Engineering Support and Staff Augmentation

For many operating companies, improvement initiatives are often delayed due to limitations in the skills or availability of resources. We provide staff augmentation support to help fill these organizational capability gaps.

Our project personnel utilize a stage-gate process to ensure rigorous control and high-quality deliverables. The list below outlines several key areas where our consultants can help improve your asset integrity management program.

  • Anomaly management
  • Engineering recommendations
  • Fitness for service analyses
  • MAOP/MOP Validation
  • Corrosion studies
  • High consequence area (HCA) analyses
  • Risk assessments
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Integrity assessment plans
  • Preventative and mitigative measures